Monday, May 28, 2007

Benefit For Parker!

Please take a moment and visit Tammy and Parker at Praying For Parker.

Tammy is promoting a benefit concert on June 29th at the American Fork Amphitheater in Utah with proceeds to be used for Parker's medical needs and a generous portion of CD sales being donated on Parker's behalf. Singer/songwriter Stephanie Smith is performing and donating her time for this awesome event. Please continue reading below for more information.

From Tammy's blog . . .

You can go here to hear selections from this CD.

CD Prices are $15.98 plus shipping. ($3.00 per CD for shipping.)

Concert Tickets can be purchased for a Suggested Donation of $5.00 per person OR $20.00 per family. This is only a suggested amount. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Please use the “Make a Donation” link in our sidebar, to make your purchase. Please note whether or not you are donating, purchasing CD’s, or purchasing concert tickets.

Thank you.

You will receive an email confirmation for your purchase/s.

Benefit Concert for Parker

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My It's Hot

Just a quick, fun post (and a review) of our new Lil' Squirt Baby Pool from One Step Ahead.

First of all, this thing rocks . . . err . . . squirts. At only about $20, this thing is sure to beat the heat. You hook your garden hose up and voila! Once it fills up, you have a few dozen gentle fountains of water, and some stronger ones in the middle. AJ and Abby played in this most of the afternoon -- and that's saying something! Check this out.

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Tagged Again!

Nic at All 4 My Gals tagged me a few days ago! I am now supposed to let you know 7 things about myself. OK then. Here goes . . .

  1. I love to go camping. There is nothing that I find more relaxing.
  2. I'm a science buff.
  3. I have 1 brother, but always wanted more siblings (gee thanks, Mom and Dad)!!
  4. If I could have any job in the world, I'd either be a commercial airline pilot or a cross-country big-rig truck driver.
  5. My favorite movie of all time is The Hunt For Red October. A certain cousin of mine who reads this blog will never have my full respect as she fell asleep in the theater watching this movie. She simply doesn't understand it.
  6. My favorite author is Bill Bryson (with Christopher Moore a close second).
  7. I'm into way too many reality shows.

Those are good factoids about myself. Looks like the meme has been pretty well distributed, so I'll be boring and just send it over to about-to-be-a-dad-again Jeff at Out With The Kids!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Wow. It's been a while, huh! How have you been? Doesn't look like too much has changed since I was here last.

So, let's see. Where should I start? Well, as some of you might have noticed, I've been adding to my CafePress store quite regularly. This has been quite addictive, but fun nevertheless.

Last weekend, my brother-in-law got married in Pittsburgh. With such inexpensive flights on Southwest to The Steel City from Philly, we decided to fly. Abby stayed with my parents (with her schedule it wouldn't have been practical to take her with us), and AJ came with us for his first plane ride. Unfortunately, air traffic at the Southwest terminal was heavy.

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But once we got in the air, AJ seemed to enjoy himself.

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I'm going to save the "Minivan Story Part I & II" for later, but suffice it to say that my father-in-law was shocked to learn how much the repair job was going to cost.

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Now I'm not sure about the bride or groom, but Meg seemed to be getting cold feet.

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So Saturday was the big day. AJ was the ring bearer and he had a tough job holding everything together.

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Meg and my sister-in-law Lindsay got their drink on well before the ceremony, so they were pretty well toasted by the time we got to the "I do's".

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AJ had to be the adult. Again. He wasn't happy.

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My mother-in-law and the bride's Mom were nervous. Instead of lighting the two taper candles, they lit the single "Unity Candle". I'm pretty sure these two ladies just married themselves by accident.

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By the end of the day, AJ pretty much had enough of the whole ring bearing gig and was ready to crash.

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I Promise

One kid is being shipped off to the grandparents for a sleep over. The other hasn't napped all day, so she's going to bed E-A-R-L-Y, so I'm gonna post tonight. Honest!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Blog-versary, OWTK!

Greetings from Cleveland (and fresh from my first Indians game at the Jake), I wanted to be sure to get this post up now as I'll be traveling all day tomorrow. So albeit a few hours early, let me be the first to wish Jeff at Out With The Kids a happy 1 year anniversary in the Blogosphere!

Please be sure to stop by OWTK today and wish Jeff a hardy congratulations. And as if you needed to be encouraged any more to visit, Jeff's blog-party will include numerous contests where well-wishing readers could win prizes and other cool stuff!

Congrats, Jeff!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some T21 Ink

Meg and I went last Sunday to get some new ink from Billy at Liberty Tattoo. My second, her first. I love tattoos -- always have. I'm a huge Miami Ink fan and I find many tattoos fascinating. Although I admire many of the ones I see, I don't necessarily want them on my body. For example, I may see an amazing rendition of a human skull with a snake crawling through its lifeless eye sockets, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to get one. Likewise, tribal tattoos can have amazingly intricate patterns, but last I checked, I didn't have and Fijian ancestors.

No, any tattoo I have must mean something to me. And the ones we got last week certainly mean something. Down Syndrome Awareness ribbons. Here are some pics. Enjoy.

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Revelations - Coming Full Circle

Tonight, after taking his shower and getting his pj's on, AJ, without socks on, reveals to me the following:

AJ: Dad, do you know why I always want to sleep with my socks on?

Me: No, AJ, I don't. Why?

AJ: Because I'm afraid that you or Mommy might sneak into my room at night and try to cut my toenails.

Me: Well, what would you say if I told you that one night, I came into your room with a flashlight and took off your sock and clipped your toenails?

AJ: Ha! No way, Dad. You don't have a flashlight.

Looks like the kid was smarter than me . . . he was wearing socks long before I took up my covert-ops mission!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mind Flakes Store on!

You are cordially invited to the grand opening of the Mind Flakes store at! At our store you will find an assortment of products with unique and original designs. And of course, please make sure you visit the Down Syndrome Awareness section.

More designs and ideas are being added daily (sometimes hourly!), so please be sure to check back often!!