Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And, We're Back

Home, that is. For the first night in the last 4, we are all together. At home!

Abby came home from the hospital this evening. She is still not in the best of moods -- cranky and wants to be held a lot-- but otherwise is doing OK. She is back to just 1 liter of O2 (1 1/2 at night) and holding her own. She'll be on antibiotics for the next few days, but is finished with the steroids (which should have been obvious when she threw the refrigerator across the room).

I doubt I'll be able to stay awake much longer, though I would love to watch LOST tonight. I don't think that's going to happen though, so shhh! No one tell me what happens.

Right now, I'm looking forward to night #3 on my new pillow!! Wow!

Abby was readmitted to the hospital around 2:00am this morning. The doctor is confident that:

1. It is NOT a new illness
2. It is NOT the old illness coming back/getting worse
3. It WAS a big mucus plug that we couldn't get out giving her chest PT at home

Meg and I thought this is what it and it sounded reasonable judging by the way last night's events unfolded.

Meg fell asleep last night holding Abby on the couch. Sound asleep, her sats were around 95% on 1.5 liters. We checked her again a little while later once she was in her crib, and she was still in the 90's. Then, I gave her a Xopenex breathing treatment and that's when things got bad. Seems likely that the neb loosened the mucus and it was just too big for her (and us) to work out. By the time she got to the ER, her sats were high 70's -- not good.

So right now, she's back to just 2 liters and in the mid-90's again. They are mimicking the type of support we'd be giving her at home to see how she does.

I'll be taking the night shift tonight as my company is closed on Good Friday, so hopefully we'll have a quiet rest of the day.


LisaS still in MO said...

I'm thrilled to hear Abby's home and the family united once more.

Curious about the pillow... guess you aren't a "flip it to find the cool side" type of person?

Christine said...

Greg and Megan,
I am so happy to hear that Abby is home!
Lost was pretty good last nite! Hope you get to see it soon! I missed 3 episodes this season...gotta catch them soon.
Christine Thomas

Kari said...

Hi there. I found your blog through T21 community. I read that Abby was back in hospital last night. I hope she gets better and comes home!

Christine in Bethel said...

I'm so sorry to hear she's back in the hospital. I read on teh playgroup board she was sent home so I went over here to read the post and it was updated and she's back in. Lots of prayers for the little kiddo to get better fast.

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